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Sir Savigny Hotel

Sir Savigny Bedroom in Berlin
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  • Food & Drink

    The Butcher serves burgers and breakfast, bar

  • Spa & Recreation

    The Kitchen library

  • Architecture

    Baranowitz + Kronenberg

  • Interior design

    Saar Zafrir, Baranowitz + Kronenberg

  • The Originals

    Liran Wizman

  • Themes

    City, Art & Culture

  • Food & Drink

    The Butcher serves burgers and breakfast, bar

  • Spa & Recreation

    The Kitchen library

Sir Savigny breathes a creative spirit into the heart of Berlin’s old West with an urban sanctuary for the artistic on the famed Savignyplatz.

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Interior design Saar Zafrir, Baranowitz + Kronenberg

Sir Savigny Library in Berlin

Interior design Saar Zafrir, Baranowitz + Kronenberg

Sir Savigny showcases great design movements of the past that have been updated for today.

From Saar Zafrir—who believes that the artist needs to “Shut up and create!”—comes rooms awash in local art and custom-made furniture that are in perfect harmony with the hotel's nonchalant yet flawlessly styled guests. Thanks to the architects and designers from Baranowitz + Kronenberg, ground floor spaces are wide-open yet alive with gathering spots that create intimacy and spark conversation.

Architecture Baranowitz + Kronenberg

This Art Nouveau gem stands tall as a symbol of rejuvenation, hedonism, wanderlust, and escape.

Baranowitz + Kronenberg Architecture embraces the stoic sentiments of Berlin’s Art Nouveau-rich Charlottenburg neighborhood, creating a bold ground floor that leads to guestrooms featuring the stunning vision of Saar Zafrir. This is a feast for the active mind, with creative lines that drive one’s attention toward awaiting pleasures.

Sir Savigny Facade in Berlin
Sir Savigny Made By Originals Liran Wizman K 01 X2

The Originals Liran Wizman

“It’s crucial that our properties reflect our ethos of bringing locally inspired guest experiences to dynamic locations.”

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Sir Savigny Hotel
Kantstraße 144
Berlin 10623

Facts & Facilities

  • Temperature today

    23°C / 73°F

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