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Harmon Guest House

Harmon Guest House Design in Healdsburg
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  • Food & Drink

    Lobby wine and coffee bar & rooftop bar

  • Spa & Recreation

    Pool, yoga, private creekside park, free bicycles

  • Conference & Meetings

    Rooftop event space for 100 people

  • Architecture

    David Baker Architects

  • Interior design

    David Baker Architects

  • The Originals

    Paolo Petrone & Circe Sher

  • Themes

    City, Sustainability, Food & Drink

  • Food & Drink

    Lobby wine and coffee bar & rooftop bar

  • Spa & Recreation

    Pool, yoga, private creekside park, free bicycles

  • Conference & Meetings

    Rooftop event space for 100 people

In Healdsburg, California’s sun-dappled culinary capital, Harmon Guest House is a sustainable industrial-chic gathering place for guests and locals alike.

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Architecture David Baker Architects

Harmon Guest House Exterior in Healdsburg

Architecture David Baker Architects

A slatted redwood façade serves to reduce solar heat gain and also provides a stunning exterior textural pattern.

Employing what the hotel calls “modern organic” architecture, Harmon Guest House is a newly built, flowing structure with a welcoming transparent lobby. The architects use natural, durable materials, such as the striking polished lobby floor, that are complemented by textured concrete walls, reclaimed redwood sun-shading, and vine trellises.

Interior design David Baker Architects

A glassed-in, sunlit “green” stairwell sets the tone at Harmon Guest House, while a stunning light sculpture shines through the roof to the heavens above.

This showpiece sculptural work, set on the fourth floor, is part of an arts-and-crafts design theme that runs throughout and is seen in the locally made fire-glazed tiles, quilted headboards, and stitched-together photographs—all custom made and site specific to this stunning part of California. Bathrooms, meanwhile, are immaculately outfitted with all-glass showers and Sonoma Stoneworks cast concrete vanities.

Harmon Guest House Design in Healdsburg
The Harmon Guesthouse Made By Originals Paolo Petrone Circe Sher A 01 X2

The Originals Circe Sher & Paolo Petrone

“The community has given us the warmest welcome, and we want to give something back.”
Paolo Petrone

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Food & Drink Art, nature, and wine

Artist and wine producer Alice Sutro takes guests for a hike at her family’s historic Warnecke Ranch and Vineyard.

Harmong Guest House Theme Box 01 Food And Drink

Sustainability Keeping an eye on our Conscious Hotel Principles

“We are deeply committed to being stewards of the land and the communities that surround us.”

Icon Architecture (1)


Harmon Guest House is a LEED Gold Certified construction with FSC certified wood, slats for sun-shading, natural lighting, a garden courtyard, and more.

Icon Waste (1)


Recycling is offered the rooms. Sustainable, often reclaimed materials were used during construction. Low-flow fixtures cut water use by up to 35%.

Icon Energy (1)


The hotel uses solar power, LED lights, and key card-activated lighting, heat, and cooling. Shade slats cover exterior to keep the building cool in the summer months.

Icon Water (1)


Water bars on each floor provide purified flat and sparkling water with refillable glass bottles. There are water-saving fixtures and features throughout the property.

Icon Productsproduce (1)

Products & Produce

The hotel sources produce from surrounding farms weekly. Blankets, concrete countertops and tubs, custom tiles, and more have been locally sourced.

Icon Culture (1)


Harmon Guest House often hosts events open to the public, such as poetry readings, town meetings, and California Indian basket weaving demonstrations.

Icon Recreation (1)


The hotel offers a fleet of bicycles to explore the surrounding town and nature. Cycling excursions, local wine tastings, ecological river trips, and more are on offer.

Icon Accessability (1)


In addition to offering bikes to guests, there is hyper-efficient stackable parking. Guests can walk to the downtown area to explore wineries, galleries, and restaurants.

Icon Healthyworkplace (1)

Healthy Workplace

Harmon Guest House offers a scholarship fund ti employees and their children as well as an emergency fund if they need help beyond their own means.

Icon Communication (1)


Details on LEED certification and ongoing sustainability efforts are shared on the website, blog, social media accounts, and in guestrooms.


Follow the conscious journey

This hotel is featured in Taste and Place: The Design Hotels Book.

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Harmon Guest House
227 Healdsburg Avenue
Healdsburg 95448

Facts & Facilities

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    16°C / 60°F