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The Design Diaries
- Masha Reva

Design Diaries

Words Allison Reiber DiLiegroDate 02 June 2021

For Ukrainian artist and art director Masha Reva, finding her creative voice has been a complex journey of difficulties and beautiful revelations. As her path has unfurled beneath her, Reva has led us through an oeuvre that both challenges and dazzles us.

Design Diaries Masha Reva Impressionsapplied

Image from “Impressions, Applied,” published in Document Journal

Design Diaries Masha Reva Catwalk

Set design for fashion brand Rodebjer

Design Diaries Masha Reva Atelier

The artist’s studio

Design Diaries Masha Reva Jacquemus

“By The Sea” commissioned for Jacquemus book “Marseille Je T'aime”

Masha Reva’s career began in fashion design, a foundation still seen in her fabric-based works and fascination with the human figure. After graduating from London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, Reva felt she had more to say than the fashion industry could hold. She turned down a job in London and returned to Kyiv, temporarily terrifying her parents, who were ultimately supportive as her father is a sculptor and understood the magnetic pull.

Design Diaries Masha Reva Ryoal Opera House

Dancer in costume designed for Culture Device’s production of “The Rite of Spring”

Design Diaries Masha Reva Ryoal Opera House2

The ballet was performed at London’s Royal Opera House in 2019

She started drawing and never stopped, going on to collaborate with top fashion brands, exhibit at international museums, and craft a scene-setting piece for Kyiv’s Bursa Hotel. In one of her most striking projects, Reva designed sets and costumes for Culture Device’s production of The Rite of Spring, a ballet performed by artists with Down’s Syndrome at London’s Royal Opera House in 2019. With every new project she takes on, Reva has challenged herself to learn, leading to revelations that are so beautiful they've been well worth the wild ride.

Teaser for performance for Tamburins

Design Diaries Masha Reva Character

Kim Keejun for Tamburins; Makeup and art by Reva

Creative Process

Reva is always observing, taking photos as she moves through the world. She begins projects with an involved research process, then starts sketching. As she is constantly building her own skills, Reva believes that the journey is more exciting than the finished product.

Claim to Fame

Reva created prints for Rachel Comey’s Fall 2016 collection, designed an editorial series called “By the Sea” for Jacquemus, and collaborated with handbag brand KARA, NY.

Favorite Materials to Work With

She explores fabric and skin as canvas.


Rodebjer - Nadija x Masha Reva


Design Hotels Member

Bursa Hotel

Design Diaries Masha Reva Kara

Campaign commissioned by KARA, NY

Design Diaries Masha Reva Kara Slider 1
Design Diaries Masha Reva Kara Slider 2

What do you love most about your work?

From a drawing to a complex project, I’m always learning. This state of self-transformation brings me joy.


Your work is very dreamy. What do you want to make people dream about?

Everything I do has a personal approach. I aim to create an impulse that will energize others.


How did you end up collaborating with Kyiv’s Bursa Hotel?

I met Vasily Grogol, the owner, back when Bursa was in the making and we became good friends. The day before the opening, he called me to ask if I could create a painting for the lobby. When the couriers brought the canvas I was shocked. I didn’t realize how large it would be! And I rarely paint on canvas. I called Vasily to say that I’m not sure the whole thing will work out and he was like, “Masha, it’s one shot!” Well, it would be fair to say that I love challenges. The canvas was created overnight. It’s my self-portrait.

Bursa Blog Post

Reva’s self portrait in the lobby of Kyiv’s Bursa Hotel

Design Diaries Masha Reva Kyiv Kids

Portraits by Armen Parsadanov for “Drawings on Kyiv Kids” series

Design Diaries Masha Reva Kyiv Kids2

How is the Ukrainian creative scene right now influencing your work?

I absolutely love the chaos. I almost feel more like an outsider to the local creative scene, like an observer who plays her own game. I’m more inspired by the streets of Kyiv and the characters I randomly meet. In any case, all my favorite young Ukrainian artists are my dear friends and I’m glad we can discuss work and inspire each other.

Design Diaries Masha Reva Plates

Ceramics made in collaboration with Nadiia

Walking or flying ?


Round or angular ?


Sunset or Sunrise ?


Landscaped or Zen garden ?


Do you have any recent cultural discoveries that you would like to share?

I’m about to read a book called Ninth Street Women by Mary Gabriel about woman abstractionist artists in the U.S. My boyfriend and I recently watched a movie about the abstractionist movement called The New York School, which was also very inspiring.


What have you changed in your life in the past year to be more sustainable?

On the one hand, I adore surrounding myself with beautiful things and love to search for rare garments on eBay, for example. But during the pandemic, I’ve reconsidered what I actually need and have made my apartment and wardrobe more minimalistic. I love to recycle my old garments into a smaller size or cut off skirts because I have had quite a dramatic weight loss in the last two years. In general, I think this time spent at home brought deeper realizations on how we live, who we’re with, and what is essential.


How does travel inspire your work?

I love movement—it’s a necessary part of my thinking process. When I move, my thoughts speed up. It’s hard to imagine a world without the rhythm of emotions we feel when we’re on the go.

Design Diaries Masha Reva Portrait2

Masha Reva

Black & white or color ? 


Spotify or LP ?


Vertical or horizontal ?


Portrait Images Vitalik Melnikov

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