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Facing Hyperreality

We came to Lisbon, Europe’s epicenter of innovation, to see what this soulful city can teach us about how to step into the new digital world while staying rooted in our own.

Circle Back Circle Forward

Further Greece assembled some of the world’s brightest minds to collectively ask: What can we learn from the past before it’s too late?

001 BP Pride 2022

Seven Destinations for Pride 2022

Want to show your pride after a two-year hiatus? We’ve selected the wildest, biggest, and most unusual parades from around the world for you to choose from.

001 BP Under The Open Sky

Under the Open Sky Exhibition April 28 to May 1, 2022

If you’re in Berlin, the Under the Sky exhibition seeks to raise funds for humanitarian organizations and civilian initiatives in Ukraine. Artists Masha Reva and Ivan Grabko explore the impact of war in their country.

001 The Art Of Being A Woman

The Art of Being a Woman

This art exhibition at Stockholm’s Miss Clara by Nobis featured works by 11 female artists hand-selected from over 100 applications.

The Artist and the Artisan

From generations-old glass blowing workshops and ceramic studios to a modern desert oasis, Further Marrakech in collaboration with La Pause Residency asked what it means to be an artist or an artisan—and what happens when such practitioners come together in the act of creation.

04 Further Marfa Alejandra

Alejandra Martínez

With her pioneering Mexico City-based platform Anónimo, Alejandra Martínez is expertly subverting the art-world status quo, concealing authorship until a work is sold in an attempt to free it from preconceptions.

01 Further Marfa Borderlands Left


On a windswept stretch of Texas desert re-envisioned as a minimalist art mecca, Further Marfa set out on an exploration of borderlands: between art and commerce, city and country, Mexico and red-state USA, somewhere and nowhere.

02 Further Marfa Gerardo Right

Gerardo Ruiz-Musi

Textile designer Gerardo Ruiz-Musi explores technology, the self, and the concept of truth with his exhibition at Further Marfa.

00 Nicole Von Gierke Timbercove

What California’s Coast Sounds Like

If you find yourself at Timber Cove Resort on California’s ruggedly cinematic coast, chances are you’ll hear music that you’ll strain to remember the lyrics of, and which band sung it.

00 Blog Bauhaus

A Bauhaus-Lover’s Dream

Who can resist this 100-year-old movement’s simple utilitarian design? In Shoreditch, Sir Terence Conran was no different.

DJ Hell Cover 02

Up From the Underground With DJ Hell

You know you’ve made a name for yourself when you get sued by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

00 Design Threat Garden Header Correct

The Secret to Gardens by Kit Kemp

Wherever we have outdoor spaces in our projects we make them into a celebration. A room with a view can be relaxing for the eye; a room with French windows flung wide open into a garden is perfection.

Shinedoe Cover 01

7 Questions for Dutch Beat-Maker Shinedoe

Chinedum Nwosu, a.k.a. Shinedoe, began her DJ career when she was still a teenager, with her Inmotion parties (now called Intacto Nights) becoming a hot fixture of Amsterdam’s clubbing calendar around the turn of the millennium.