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Thebankhotel 1

Our Conscious Eye On - Bank Hotel Istanbul

The Bank Hotel Istanbul has preservation and conservation at the heart of its sustainability model. And with a recent certification from EarthCheck, the hotel is continuing to bolster its conscious journey.

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Vadim Otto Ursus, Berlin’s Wild Food Creator

“It’s not only about food systems and the drinks on offer, it is about education around food and farming practices, and reconnecting with where the food comes from.”

02 TGT Demi Anter

Leave your baggage behind

A poem and accompanying essay by Demi Anter on letting go of a romantic relationship and finding contentment in the small things.

DH Conscious Eye Rabot 01

Our Conscious Eye On — Rabot Hotel From Hotel Chocolat

Set on a historical cocoa farm at the edge of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rabot Hotel From Hotel Chocolat is dedicated to ethical operations.

Our Conscious Journey Podcast: Veronica Reed on Carlota

“The hotel attracts both locals and visitors. People share stories and give each other ideas. It was a link that was missing here.” - The Original Veronica Reed

Conscious Eye Dexamenes 1

Our Conscious Eye On - Dexamenes

Perched right on the beach of Kourouta in western Greece, Dexamenes, a former winemaking facility, has kept its environmental impact low by extensively reusing original materials.

Our Conscious Journey Podcast: Daniel Lauber on CERVO

“With being sustainable, one side of course is the environmental impact, but the other is about the social impact.”

02 TGT Gary Bencheghib

Think Holistically

French filmmaker and environmentalist Gary Bencheghib lives by the motto, “no idea that protects the planet is crazy.” We chatted with him about his journey fighting plastic pollution one river at a time.

Sustainable Vigilius Mountain A

Our Conscious Eye On — Vigilius Mountain Resort

Set in a car-free village in South Tyrol, Italy, Vigilius Mountain Resort is an eco-friendly hideaway with pristine views of the Dolomites.

Our Conscious Journey Podcast: Christiane Wassmann on Rastrello

“The point was always to be as involved in the local community as possible,” Christiane Wassmann says of Rastrello. On this episode of the Our Conscious Journey podcast, she shares how she's forged the connection.

Our Conscious Journey Podcast: Paul Salmon on Rockhouse Hotel

How can a hotel create a positive, lasting impact on its community? On this episode of the Our Conscious Journey podcast, Paul Salmon, the creator of Rockhouse Hotel and the Rockhouse Foundation, shows us the way.

06 TGT Katie Mcknoulty

Slow Down: Lessons Learned in Small-Town Italy

After years as a digital nomad, writer and photographer Katie McKnoulty spends a summer in a small town in Le Marche, Italy, learning how to travel—and live—more slowly along the way.

02 Sustainable Art House Basel

Our Conscious Eye On — Art House Basel

Set in Basel’s Steinenvorstadt neighborhood, Art House Basel is a cultural touchstone with sustainability at its core.

Conscious Eye Skeppsholmen 01 (1)

Our Conscious Eye On — Hotel Skeppsholmen

For Stockholm’s Hotel Skeppsholmen, sustainability means minimizing its environmental impact and developing a healthy working environment while giving guests a special experience at the same time.