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Hotel Terrestre

S Hotel Terrestre Puerto Escondido Mexiko
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  • Food & Drink

    Restaurant & Mezcal Bar, Ocean Club

  • Spa & Recreation

    Spa, pool, gardens

  • Architecture

    Alberto Kalach – Taller de Arquitectura X (TAX)

  • Interior design

    RB + K

  • The Originals

    Carlos Couturier & Moisés Micha

  • Themes

    Well-being, Sustainability, Beach, Nature

  • Food & Drink

    Restaurant & Mezcal Bar, Ocean Club

  • Spa & Recreation

    Spa, pool, gardens

Created by Grupo Habita for travelers with an attraction to the natural elements, this Brutalist-inspired villa-only property invites guests to look out and connect with the Oaxacan coast.

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Hotel Terrestre Rooms

Architecture Alberto Kalach – Taller de Arquitectura X (TAX)

Hotel Terrestre Architecture 1
Hotel Terrestre Architecture 2
Hotel Terrestre Architecture 3
Hotel Terrestre Architecture 4

Architecture Alberto Kalach – Taller de Arquitectura X (TAX)

With Brutalist-inspired structures and open spaces, Alberto Kalach and his TAX lab have created a world that’s both timeless and uniquely modern.

For inspiration, Kalach envisioned how aliens might reimagine a hotel on Earth. Through this lens, he gained a fresh perspective on the fundamentals and was able to consider each detail with wonder. The result is a fresh, bold design that evokes, to some, the pre-Hispanic and, to others, something otherworldly. Built with construction materials that are sourced from within one kilometer of the hotel or created on property, Terrestre adheres to a stringent “raw materiality” mentality. From the orientation of the buildings to the design of the energy system, every ray of light is received and leveraged—the hotel runs on 100 percent solar power.

Interior design RB + K

The independent villas, each with two terraces, an outdoor shower, and a private pool, invite the outside world in.

Integrating a connection with nature and an experience of space, Hotel Terrestre is a place to turn inward and upward. The 14 villas each offer a ground-floor garden, an outdoor bathroom, and an upstairs terrace with a private pool and lounge area. Throughout the interiors, guests are invited to admire the elements, perfectly framed by skylights and vast windows.

Hotel Terrestre Interior Design
Hotel Terrestre The Originals

The Originals Carlos Couturier & Moisés Micha

“We use a local team every time we build a hotel, and we read the surroundings and their traditions to integrate the local culture into our project.”
Carlos Couturier

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Well-being Solar retreat

Hotel Terrestre Theme Box 01 Well Being

Well-being Solar retreat

The spa inspires guests to fully connect with the Earth the sun.

Hotel Terrestre sees the sun as an invitation to introspection and renewal. The spa, with its various pools, steam room, and soothing relaxation area, is inspired by this concept.

Destination Building community

With the addition of Hotel Terrestre, Grupo Habita enriches a community that includes Casa Wabi and Hotel Escondido.

Puerto Escondido is a coastal town tucked between the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range. Now home to Casa Wabi—the Tadao Ando-designed artists’ retreat—and Grupo Habita’s Hotel Terrestre and Hotel Escondido, this stretch of coast is a beacon of high design.

Hotel Terrestre Theme Box 02 Destination
01 Best Of Pools Hotel Terrestre Architecture Pools KV


Seven of the Best Pools

Dive headfirst into these seven stunning aqueous spots, from horizon-edge infinity views, a lake-like oasis, to an iconic rooftop, and beyond, and you will stay chilled while the temperatures soar.

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Puerto Escondido

Hotel Terrestre
Carretera Federal Km 113, Puerto Salina Cruz, Santiago Pinotepa Nacional
Puerto Escondido 71983

Facts & Facilities

  • Temperature today

    26°C / 80°F

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